What to expect when booking a session

1. A Pre-Shoot Consultation. This is the perfect time to discuss details of your shoot and to plan your clothing choices. Pre-shoot consultations is perfect time for me to learn as much about you and your family as I can. I will also answer any question that you may have

2. The Photo Shoot. Your photo shoot will be great fun for everyone involved—with relaxation for the parents and endless giggles and high-energy entertainment for the kids. When your child has a great time, the qualities you love most about them will come shining through in each photo.

3. The Design Consultation. About two weeks following your shoot, we will meet at your home to go through the photos as a photo slide show. This is a very exciting part when you see all you photos from the photo shoot! You will select your favorite images and I will suggest wonderful ways to use them in your home. As an wall art or an album. I will present you with a physical samples of all the products. Also you will be able to see your photo on the wall you desire at home at any size through a special Software. So, there is no guessing how a photo will look on your wall.