My approach to photograph a family/kids

I like to start off my sessions in a group huddle. I try to get the kids ‘on my side’ from the beginning, and let them know that even though this is a photo shoot, we will have fun.

I won’t ever need you to tell the kids to say cheese, or look at the camera. I go at their pace and take extra time if needed. For you to completely relax, I need to take over a bit, and if I need help I will ask for it. Sometimes it is best for me to go off away from the rest of the group with little ones. They feel less pressure and I can get them to relax. So don’t be surprised or alarmed if I take someone aside. I might also ask you to do something that you think is totally “out there”. Just go with me. No matter what, whether the shot turns out good or bad, it will be an experience.

I am here to sincerely capture your connections and love for each other, so the more you interact and pretend I am not there the better. I want you to treat me like I am an old friend who just happens to have a camera with him.